My name is Natalia. I am a school teacher by profession. I really like to embroider, sew, knit. Everything related to needlework and creativity.

In the project “Food for Life. Kyiv” I help in the kitchen – we wash and cut vegetables, clean the room.

At first I saw posts on Facebook about the project’s activities, but I didn’t know how to enter the project. Then I contacted the leaders and joined the team. It all happened during the first month of the full-scale war.

I get such moral satisfaction from participating in the project… Inner peace from the fact that I have done something for people, helped someone. I am only a small drop in this big ocean, but it gives me great inspiration.

There were no difficulties due to the fact that I have already had a similar experience and coped with even greater loads. And also because of the fact that I understand my mission – to serve people and God. Therefore, everything goes easily, without complications and with pleasure every time.

It can be compared to flying… Time passes quickly and you just get mental satisfaction… You just feel warm in your heart… You feel the moment of being in goodness. After all, the material world has so many overwhelmed people today. So many people live in ignorance. And by serving in the project, you get a kind of tiny cleansing in the mind and heart. And this can be felt by everyone who joins the “Food for Life. Kyiv”.

My main inspirations are like-minded people who are next to me in the project. They are so internally filled that they literally radiate joy and happiness. Nowadays you don’t often meet such people.

I am convinced that only by your own example can you encourage a person to do something or teach something. I wish there were more such kind, bright, wise people who would inspire others to make good deeds.

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