Why food distribution is the best charity?

Each of us, passing by an old grandmother or grandfather in the subway, gave or wanted to give several bills in an outstretched hand. At the same time, the heart smiled and calmed down: “I did something good!”.

But do you know where exactly the money goes? Sometimes we donate it carelessly on the street. Will this grandmother really use money to buy vegetables, bread, and buckwheat?

It’s no secret that nowadays grandfathers, grandmothers, and even young women with children are used to collect donations. For some, it’s just business. And the grandparents themselves get only crumbs from what we put in their hands.

We recently overheard a story about one such grandmother who begged for bread near the subway. And in the evening, she came home and gave all the money to her beloved grandson. That grandson took money and used it to buy… drugs. And the grandmother just loves him… That is, everyone who gave money to this grandmother became a sponsor of drug addiction. Not exactly what people who donate money to the subway dream of, is it?

What can we do in this situation? Should we give up charity at all? But the heart wants to do good things! It cries and breaks down – it wants to help someone so much!

Vedic scriptures have an answer to this question. And it is very simple: when we want to donate money, we must give it either to serve God or to a smart, proven person, who knows how to dispose  it for the benefit of everyone. And when we don’t know where our money will go, it is better to immediately give what we are asked for.

They ask for bread – buy bread for grandma. Nothing to wear – bring clothes or shoes. So you will at least be sure that you will not be deceived. After all, someone will always need food, even if it’s not the person you gave it to.

That is why our charitable mission “Food for Life” does not help people with money. But we feed hundreds of thousands of people around the world by cooking hot, delicious vegetarian meals and distributing them where they are needed. And all this happens exclusively on a volunteer basis.

Join us too! Let’s make the world a better place together!

info @ foodforlife.org.ua

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