“Food for Life” during the war: what has changed?

“Food for Life” goes out every day to feed people who cannot provide for themselves. Our volunteers did it before the war, and they do it during the war, sometimes even in hot spots.

What motivates these heroes to continue saving people’s lives by giving them food to live on? Why do they sometimes risk their health and lives to help others?

To make good deeds is the desire of every person’s heart. Even animals often help each other. Why then shouldn’t people do it? It is a natural need of every soul to selflessly help others in need.

That is why our volunteers, regardless of the weather, state of health or even war, prepare a huge number of delicious dishes to distribute them on the streets of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine. The call of the heart is the only thing that motivates them to do this every day.

What has changed for our volunteers after the war? Only the number of dishes that need to be prepared and distributed. Because now there are many more people who need help. People who could afford to buy a variety of products before the war, or used to visit coffee shops and restaurants, now cannot afford to buy bread. Someone has lost job. Someone has moved from cities where fierce fighting is going on. And some people have their houses blown up or even lost their relatives. And fragrant soup with bread and porridge for such people is the only connection with God. Merciful, kind and omnipresent.

God helps us with the hands of other people. How many of our volunteers have heard stories about how people once helped someone, and this time “Food for Life” helps them! For many of those who come every day to our food distribution points, this is the only chance to survive in these difficult times.

Therefore, we urge each of you: do not turn away from the opportunity to help one person, or a few, or even hundreds. Every penny donated to us increases our ability to buy vegetables, cereals or dairy products to feed those in need. Perhaps these pennies will save the life of the one who once donated them. Such is the law of karma. And we believe in it. After all, trouble can happen to everyone. And your donation today is a deposit that will save you in the future.

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