The Lord helps 10 times those who give their last

We want to tell an interesting story of one guy who donated his last funds to “Food for Life”… (see the video below).

The guy regularly went to the distribution point in Kharkiv and treated himself to delicious vegetarian food. And on the day when our volunteers were filming the video, he decided to donate his last money – 200 hryvnias. When he came home, he thought: “Perhaps it was not necessary to give the last money? What should I do now?”

But at the same time, he felt that he had contributed to a matter of a great value.

He was still thinking over this problem the following day. Suddenly he received an SMS message:

“You have been credited 2,000 hryvnias”…

Humanitarian aid from the state was credited to his account. This is how the Lord responds 10-fold when we do something selflessly. He is ready to give us more and more because He loves it when we share with others.

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