We evoke wars by killing animals

Have you ever thought about why wars do not end in the world? Various world organizations are being created, which should ensure world peace, but there is no end to wars… Why is this happening?

The sacred texts of various religious traditions speak about the law of karma: “What you sow, so shall you reap.” And only few people think about the fact that our actions are evaluated not only in relation to people, but also in relation to animals.

Murder is not only about a person. You can kill any living being. And get an answer from fate for it.

Never before in the world have so many animals been killed just so that you and I could feast on their carcasses. Does anyone think that these murders will not affect the lives of those who order them? After all, animals – they feel, love, live in the same way as people. The only difference is that their mind is a little weaker than human. Such as a small child. The child also cannot immediately speak, think logically or control his actions. But does this mean that he or she can be killed? Although nowadays even this is no longer surprising…

Killing hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocent creatures in animal or poultry farms, we can be sure that in this or the next life someone will kill us in the same way. And for these murders to be massive, like the murders of animals, wars are needed. This is what is said in the Vedas – ancient scriptures, which describe the simple laws of the existence of the world.

Our charitable mission “Food for Life” is not only about distributing delicious food to the needy. We also care about animals. They are no less than people, they want to live, and they need our help. Vegetarianism is not a fashion of the present. And not even a lifestyle. This is only an indicator of our humanity and civilization. Therefore, we prepare our dishes exclusively from vegetarian products – milk, cereals, vegetables and fruits. And this only makes them tastier and more useful. After all, they are full of love for everyone.

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