February 17, 2023. Received charitable aid from Dr. Jacob’s Medical GmbH

Kharkiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Mykolaiv

Food for Life Ukraine received funds in the amount of €4,000 from Food for Life Deutschland e.V. on February 17, 2023. Ve are especially greautful to Dr. Jacob’s Medical GmbH and company’s owner, Dr. Jacob.

Here we want to describe target use of the donated funds. We have distributed the amount between our branches in four cities of Ukraine: Kharkiv – €1,400, Kherson –
€1,000, Zaporizhzhya – €800, Mykolaiv – €800.

In Mykolaiv, our volunteers have purchased a gas stove for daily cooking. The cost of the stove equals to around €450 (217,960). Additionally, they have purchased the following food products: sugar, salt, tomato paste, kidney beans and sunfloweroil. Food distribution: borshch (Ukrainian soup) – 1920 liters, porridge with vegetables (kichri)- 225 liters. In total 4,762 portions were distributed.

In Zaporizhzhya, Food for Life volunteers purchased the following food products: wheat groats, potatoes, beetroots, kidney beans, tomato paste, carrots, cabbage, split peas, sunflower oil, bakingsoda, lemons and sugar. Food distribution: tomato chutney – 200 liters, porridge with vegetables (kichri) – 600 liters, borshch (Ukrainian soup) – 600 liters, 3500 bread rolls, 400 liters of a drink and 400 liters of wheat porridge.

In Kherson, the volunteers have purchased a necessary amount of car fuel, disposable tableware, three cubic meters of firewood, and the following food products: kidney beans, split peas, tomato paste, sunflower oil, salt, sugar. Also, our volunteers in Kherson have filled the gas cylinder, which they usually use for cooking. Food distribution: 1300 liters of soup and borshch (Ukrainian soup), and 1480 liters of porridge with vegetables (kichri). In total, 5560 meals were distributed.

In Kharkiv, our volunteers have purchased the necessary amount of disposable tableware and the following food products: milk, butter, kefir and hibiscus for making a drink. Food distribution: 300 liters of borshch (Ukrainian soup), 250 liters of kichri, 250 liters of wheat porridge with vegetables, 200 liters of barley porridge, 50 liters of sweet halava, 2700 bread rolls and 1000 liters of a drink.

We are very much grateful for your care and support and hope for future cooperation.