UK and Kyiv sponsors support ukrainian Food for Life UA once again. Minivan for de-occupied Kherson


Volunteers became real heroes nowadays in Ukraine. They are able to create miracles in such difficult times, despite all the circumstances. How to imagine blaring siren alerts, frequent absense of electricity to cook and water to wash even a pan or a knife. What to say about missile attacks and chronic heartbreaking losses throughout the country. Still somehow volunteers manage to prepare food, deliver lunches and clothes, and not only feed, but also morally support ukrainian people.


However, financial support is critically important for those who is willing to serve. After all, how do you pay  for vegetables and grains without money? As well as for  water, electricity, firewood, petrol and transport.


It is impossible to choose words of gratitude to our permanent sponsors, thanks to whom the “Food for Life Ukraine” project exists. Deep believers, Parashuram Prabhu, a “Food for Life UK” volunteer, and Andriy Smetanenko*, an entrepreneur from Kyiv, once again save the day by donating funds.


This time a minivan was purchased and handed over for the needs of volunteers from Kherson**🤝


No need for extra words. It is no secret how difficult the situation is in the de-occupied city. The car is busy 24 hours a day. And therefore, our gratitude has no limits🙏


*Profile of A. Smetanenko on Facebook:


**Please visit pages via the link to read our volunteers’ reports from different cities: